This 28 Years Old Beautiful Lady In Alabama, USA Is Interested In You

A 28 years old Sugar Mama In Alabama, USA is interested in a Black man for long-term dating. This Sugar Mama In Alabama, USA is looking for a black man of at least 32 years old to date.
This White Sugar Mama In Alabama, USA is single and has never been married. She is a single mom and wants to meet a man who can be a friend and lover to her and her kids.

Here is how this Sugar Mama In Alabama, USA described herself and the man of her dreams.
I am a warm caring woman who is looking for a partner in life and love. I have focus and goals, so my potential partner would need to be willing to climb with me and not be content to be at the bottom looking up waiting on a crumb to fall.

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I am independent, but know how to let my man be the man and take the reigns. I am not looking for anything unattainable, just an honest caring man who is about his business and is ready to have an actual woman by his side.
I would love to find someone who is honest, secure and down to earth. I never ask for more than I’m willing to give… On anything
I have nothing to prove at this point in life and I would like my partner to be just as secure in himself. Being respectful, educated, well spoken, and independent is a must. I want a best friend, protector, lover, and rock. In the spirit of honesty, education is very important to me. We have to be able to hold a conversation and discuss real-world adult events.

When I read your message I will read it as if that is how you speak. So if you text like an uneducated person I will know you’re not the one and keep on moving. I know we all make errors, but as a 35 + man you should have a basic concept of literacy and be able to speak to me on an intellectual level or at least type a complete sentence.
Appearance is also very important (i’m not shallow, just honest). I want to look at my man and be proud to call him my own, just as he should feel about me. I prefer the clean cut employed look over anything else. Last but not least, I would like to meet someone who is no further than an hour away. I can only text/talk so long before it gets boring. Dating is about interacting and getting to know each other. I’m not looking for a texting buddy.


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