Baby Mama in Atlanta, Georgia, USA Is Online Now

Baby Mama in Atlanta, Georgia, USA –  A 42 years old Baby Mama in Atlanta, Georgia, USA is online now, she is interested in you and wants to build a long-term relationship filled with love and happiness with you.
This Baby Mama in Atlanta, Georgia, USA is divorced with kids and has this to say about herself and the kind of man she is seeking.

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How would you describe yourself?

I’m just a California girl living in a Georgia world.
I’m laid back…so I think! I’m caring, I have a good sense of humor, love spontaneity, being surprised (in a good way). I love with my whole heart and expect the same. I enjoy good conversation, I also enjoy being in the company of someone who knows how to be present and exchange no words at all. That to me is when you know your vibe.
I love being outdoors, watching movies, boxing and trying new places to eat, taking in scenic views and meeting new people. I like being a tourist in my own city it gives me a sense of adventure. I would love to be a world traveler – that is a goal of mine. Anything else you want to know – just ask!

I am looking for

No false advertising – please! Someone who is of good character can have fun and who has an open mind, someone who can make me laugh and isn’t hung up on having a perfect life. Someone who is good with his hands likes to venture out of his comfort zone, enjoys life, and has MORALS. Just looking for a genuinely good guy who has his head on straight.

 PSA: If you do drugs or are a recovering addict/alcoholic, I’m probably not the one for you. Sorry, but I’m not going to mislead you and I’d expect the same. Happy searchin’!


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